Previously unreleased songs w/ Criss

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Posted by Columbo on January 27, 99 at 05:58:37:

I have posted this message before, but for reasons unknown to me it was removed.
I really don't understand it, I'm only trying to uncover an answer to a question that has been asked on this board, presenting info from an article that can be found on this website!
The reason is, I was very surprised by Paul's answer, since Jon has promised that he WILL release those songs. FYI, I asked him the same question personally, and got the SAME answer.
So it looks like Paul and Jon don't always agree, and that the next question should be:

WHEN will the previously unreleased songs with Criss on guitar BE released ??

Ok, thanks for reading this so far, I hope you will now be able to read the rest and then make up your own mind without reacting by posting a meaningless, offensive follow up or by removing the entire message !


Topic 5: Previously unreleased

-- If Savatage was continued to keep Criss's music alive, why aren't you making more of an effort to release more previously unreleased material that he wrote and played on?

==>> From an interview with Vadim Astrakhan after the show in Detroit, June 8, '98 :

JON : " The whole thing with my brother was very, very tragic. I already said that if it wasn't for his death, I don't know if I still were an active member of Savatage. But, you know what? Let me tell you something. I have in my house, in my closet, seven songs, with Criss playing all guitars. I swear to god, I do. AND I WILL RELEASE THEM ONE DAY."

- - -
If there was the time, money to finance, and interest (i.e., in a perfect world), the band would release everything. However, things that Criss recorded during his life that were previously unreleased then are previously unreleased for the same reason now-- the band never felt it was their best work worthy of release. "If we didn't release it during his lifetime," PAUL said,"WE DON'T WANT TO RELEASE IT NOW"

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