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Posted by Chris in Houston on January 27, 99 at 07:59:07:

DATELINE: Denver, CO, USA, Earth - Ogden Theater - 1/22/99 -
Mystic Cross, the soon-to-be-famous metal band from Houston is selected for the semi-finals in a national contest known as "Bandamonium". They were selected from a group of 400 bands to challenge local (Denver) alternacrap/grunge band, Sketch. The headliner was another alternacrap band called The Flys. MC won the coin toss and chose to go second. Sketch was pretty much a garage band that had one drum beat and this writer only detected 3 different guitar chords. The singer was unintelligible (must of been the altitude).

Playing to an estimated crowd of 300, MC came on with nothing but power metal, ripping through such head-banging favorites like "Fallin' Apart", "The Seventh of Never", "Weight of the World" and "Breakin' Down the Walls". The crowd, who were pretty much the 15 year old, tongue pierced, tatoo-laden, baggy pants, Eddy Vetter look-alikes were into the hard rock from the opening note. The climax of the show was the finale - turbo/mega/rocker "Shadows in the Mind", where a HUGE mosh pit broke out and yours truly got knocked on his ass!!

MC was the clear winner, striking another victory blow for metal. The bass player for The Flys, who was one of the judges and has been present for all the Bandamonium battles, told MC that they were the ONLY band that got THEIR (The Flys') fans into it. He was VERY complimentary!! The next step is the judges will select 2 bands from the finalists (a total of 10 finalists from all over the US) and the winners will open for a national band at Panama City Beach, Florida during the spring break celebration. There are supposed to be record labels there.

Hopefully, this is another example that alternacrap's 15 minutes are up!! The new MC CD will be out sometime in the spring.


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