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Posted by Neil Gregie on August 04, 98 at 11:38:33:

In Reply to: Not much happening...so UN-Sava-related posted by Tom Hollywood on August 02, 98 at 23:33:22:

I don't check this board too often, but I saw a post from Tom in
Hollywood about something un-Sava-related, so I figured there was
a pretty good chance it was about Iced Earth. :-)

It's cool that you're really diggin' IE. That trilogy on SWTWC
is pretty incredible, huh? It's likely that the next album will
be all like that, instead of the mix that this one is.

"A Question of Heaven" is one of my favorite IE songs too, even
though I don't like The Dark Saga as much as the other albums.
(also, "Depths of Hell" is probably my least favorite IE

Since you seem to like Days of Purgatory a lot, you'd probably
dig the self-titled album and Night of the Stormrider, since
that's where most of those songs are taken from. Those are the
most guitar-oriented Iced Earth albums. If you have the U.S.
version of DoP, there's still plenty of songs from those albums
you don't have, and it's nice to have Stormrider in the original,
concept-album format.

Now, as for Burnt Offerings, have you listened to the album much?
Because I remember you originally wrote off Iced Earth as a whole
without giving them a chance, because it wasn't what you
expected. And it seems like you could be doing the same thing
with Burnt Offerings. It's IE's heaviest and darkest album, so
it's a bit different in that respect, but it's still 100% Iced
Earth. "Simple"? On the contrary, it's probably IE's most
complex album, with big, sprawling song structures, and powerful
riffing everywhere. And "uninspired"? BO is the most honest
Iced Earth album, and all the anger and aggression is a direct
product of the situation the band was in when they made the
record. We'll never hear another like it, because the band
never wants to find themselves in that place again. Have you
checked out the title track, or the 16 minute "Dante's Inferno",
one of the best songs ever written? (and a song that took two
years to craft, after Jon Schaffer found a 100 year old copy of
Dante's epic poem). I could understand if you don't care for
the album (the style or whatever) after listening to it a bunch
of times, but calling it "simple and uninspired"is just plain


NP: Rage - End of All Days

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