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Posted by Tom Hollywood on August 04, 98 at 23:11:29:

In Reply to: About Iced Earth... posted by Neil Gregie on August 04, 98 at 11:38:33:

Well, of course it'd hafta be about Iced Earth. They're all I talk about lately, and virutally the only music I'm listening too, now that I've gotten sick of trying to figure the lyrics to "I Believe."

Actually, I'd only listened to Burnt Offerings twice, and not all the way through...and I was tired and restless both times...and I had the stereo remote in hand so I could skip through stuff... So, yes, you're right, again I didn't give it a fair chance. In listening to it again (been playing it for the past 4 hours) I do like it, especially "Dante's Peak!" Very cool!

Yeah, I don't know where my head was when I said it was simple and uninspired--guess I was just too tired. I'm fucking strange when it comes to listening to music. If something doesn't immediately and totally grab my emotions and take me somewhere, I just say I hate it and look for something else. I have no patience when it comes to trying music. Like on the SWTWC album, the final selection, as much as I love piano, I never even made it through that track the first time because I wanted rippin' guitar! Of course, more than enough rippin' guitaring comes in shortly after the piano intro. Is it just me, or does the orchestral-like stuff in "Dante's Peak" have the feel of John Williams' score to The Poseiden Adventure in places?

"Depths of Hell" isn't anywhere near being a masterpiece of a song, but there's something about it that really kicks my ass and
makes me go frigging nuts, particularly when it begins. IE certainly knows how to effectively use electricity to get us fans juiced.

I'm waiting for IE's self-titled album (on backorder.) Is Night of the Stormrider an album? Haven't seen that one listed anywhere, I don't think. Hafta do some checking. Yeah, I have the U.S. DOP CD. I hear the Japanese one has two CD's.

What can I say...I was as wrong as a person could be when it came to judging IE's music. It's the best metal I've heard a LONG time.



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