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Posted by WWWboard Moderator on August 05, 98 at 12:55:02:

After days of discussion we feel that the personal attacks on the original post of this thread have gone too far. As of now we are removing the original messages asking if you would please keep your personal attacks and bickering to E-mail. Below are two messages from the original post, one by Chris Caffery and the Other by Andy James. Take them for what they are and please take the rest of the garbage to E-Mail.

Thank You,
WWWboard Moderator

We wouldn't have added Erikk's site to the Sava-site if we did not want it there. There were people making up all different reasons why Criss was killed in the crash. We wanted the truth to be posted. The truth is better than rumors. I am kinda surprised at this issue coming up again. Please pay your respects to Criss in a more positive way. Turn his music onto people who do not know and love it yet. Believe me, noone loved him as much as me and I know that Erikk's intentions are nothing but heart felt and honest. Misinformed opinions are why the truth should be posted...unfortunately they are also why I had to follow this up. We are all here in one way or another because of the love for Criss' music, play "Summer's Rain", listen to the solo. That is the essence of his soul. It was his favorite solo. Remember that, not this post.
Respectfully yours,

So.....I am a butt buddy, huh?????????????? I wonder which one of my old SAVABUDDIES wrote this pathetic fucking pussy post.....
My first time here, and I see some fucking LOSER slamming me. Well, Erick/Bryan maintains my homepage, and e-mailed me that some spineless L O S E R was talking shit about me, so I HAD to see for myself!! This is just TOO funny, don't you people have better things to do than sit around and slam people?
Hey, SAVA was a great band....Long before I toured with them on EOT, and up until the last fucking show we played at ML Chasers in Clearwater, FL, which was Criss Oliva's L A S T show, therfore, it was Sava's last show in my book. They fired me..I quit...whatever yu want to believe, I don't care.....BUT, when some pathetic fucking pussy LOSER writes a message like "the Andy James Butt Buddy Mailing List", after I get done laughing my fucking ass off, I would like to point out to everyone how fucking LAME this person must be..NO return E-mail, No NAME...WOW!!!!!!!
This will be my first and final visit to this "message board"..therefore, if you want to say anything to me, simply E-mail me.....You see, I LEFT A FUCKING E-MAIL ADDRESS!!!!!

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