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Posted by Tom Hollywood on August 15, 98 at 18:31:44:

In Reply to: MOST DIFFICULT VOCALS POLL posted by Chris in Houston on August 14, 98 at 07:02:12:

Decent question to ask. Since first hearing the Hall of the Mountain King album I've tried to hone my voice to sound exactly like Jon's, and have actually produced some blood early-on, so it's easy to pick his--the one's that I can't even come close to singing like him!

For Jon's voice, everything on Streets, TWOM and DWD is fairly easy to sing, except for the speed of the lyrics in "Sammy and Tex" and sometimes the emotional elements ("Believe" is my favorite one to sing on stage at the Hollywood Bowl after hours!)

Gutter Ballet, without a doubt has the hardest song Jon's ever sung, "When the Crowds are Gone." I miss that range he used to have!

Hmmm...actually, songs from Sirens are damned intense too... Guess it's a tie!

All the HIGH highs and scream bursts in Hall of the Mountain King, especially "Beyond the Doors of the Dark." Sound-/voice-wise, I can't sing "Strange Wings" in any simlar-sounding fashion. Jon's voice is overly unique on that piece, IMO.

Most of the stuff on Doctor Butcher is pretty tough, particularly in "The Altar" ("Mother Mary finds the tunnel of love"...) and "The Chair" ("there's a priest at the door") and "I Hate you Hate, we all Hate"...fucking-A that's powerful!)

As for Zak, I'd say it's "Castles Burning in HOR, when he sings "screams without a sound"--his throat gets very close to choking the notes, but manages to pull it off! :)

EOT would have to be the ending of "Skraggy's Tomb" and "All that I Bleed," when he sings "and I'll fly away"...

DWD has a lot of high-noted spots in virtually every song, so I'd have to choose nearly all of them at some point.

TWOM is probably the counter whatever-you-call-it places (overlapping vocals and lyrics.)

Two great vocalists!

NP: Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes

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