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Posted by Jency Naka on August 21, 98 at 14:30:03:

Hello Board. I just have to make a comment on behalf of the greatest band on earth. I commend Savatage for not staying the same. Music is a form of expression and emotion (most of the time) If I played the same exact style of music for years I would most likely get bored and quit playing all together. Musicians and writers tend to grow. There are very few bands that have the talent to grow and change every album. Queensryche is one though I really don't care for there latest album I still respect them for their ability to come up with something new.
There are some musical similarities on DWD and TWOM but they are two distinct albums they both have a different feel. That I believe has to do with other band members co-writing together.
TWOM is also the first album in over 6 years that the same members have played on consecutive albums. Lets look at the past albums
GB- wait they changed a little more melodic
STR- a little more melodic with a lot more dynamics
EOT- changed again new singer
HOR-loss of a great guitarist before this album Alex Skolnic adds a little blues attitude to the ever changing sound of Savatage.
DWD- Welcome back Jon O. another concept album that seems almost orchestrated. A feel of the old days (i.e. Gutter) plus a bonus the voice of Zak S.
TWOM-Yes it is another concept, but with a complete different sound, one that Savatage hasn't done. Probably the most orchestrated album to date.
So you see The band has been growing all these years I could of went back farther but I was making a point not converting a religion.
One thing that Savatage does do and has always done.....They mean what they play. This is evident on record and on stage. They play 110% with feeling.
Well thats probably over 2 cents but thats my humble opinion.

PS I know most of you know what the last Sava-albums are I was making a visual point.

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