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Posted by Tom Hollywood on August 22, 98 at 23:13:02:

Hey, Guys.

Sorry, but I haven't been keeping current on what's going on with this messageboard, and until Tom V. and Rain e-mailed me, I didn't realize there were some questions or whatever about the CD I amde back in March of this year.

I made 80 copies, sold about 65 and gave the remainder of them away (something like that...) I did NOT save the raw data sound file and did NOT save the cover insert files because roughly two months had passed and only two orders were received, so I figured the majority of interested parties had already come forward and bought the disc.

If someone else wants to make CD copies of their CD-R to give to people, I really don't have a problem with that, as long as the members/managment of Savatage don't.

I was VERY surprised to only sell about 65. I figured there were more 'Tage fans than that in the world. Can't imagine I SavaFan with a PC and web access not at least typing in and seeing what's going on. Maybe the disc jsut wasn't all that attractive to them (though I honestly can't imagine that being the case.) Are we few the only SavaFans in existence? Makes you wonder...

Sorry to those who didn't get a disc... Someone actually redid my disc and broke it down into 7 tracks while still maintaining the flow without interruptions (wish I could've done that at the time...) Think it was (is) a girl. Can't remember her name. Might wanna post a message and ask her if she'd make some copies for you guys.


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