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Posted by Tom Hollywood on August 23, 98 at 17:45:04:

In Reply to: Madness Reigns: A Tribute to Criss Oliva posted by Tom Hollywood on August 22, 98 at 23:13:02:

If you go to the March archives, you'll find other fans' thoughts on the CD. I cut and pasted the description of what I did because I didn't feel like having to type it all out. I posted here just in case some others are curious. I no longer make them. The images are not at my website anymore. Sorry. Tom

Well, so far about 15 discs have gone out to fans and all should be received by them my this Monday, so hopefully everyone
will be getting some feedback as to the quality and coolness of this thing very soon.

Here again is all the info you need to acquire the CD. I corrected a few things and updated the shipping section.

1) This CD I created, "Madness Reigns: A Tribute to Criss Oliva," was recorded onto a recordable CD and is in audio format,
which can be read by virtually any stereo system or PC whose devices can read audio compact discs.

2) The disc contains a single suite of nothing but great past and present Savatage guitarwork (with a few lyrics scattered here
and there) that I mixed in a very cool way. Running time is 72:47.

3) I don't claim to be a profesional music mixer, so if there are a few imperfections with the music, it's either because it needed
to be manipulated to more closely match the volume levels of the adjoining cuts, or simply because I'm not using hi-tech
equipment (a PC with CoolEdit software.) I'm very picky about my music and this thing sounds great to my ears.

4) Don't send me a CD in trade without first asking me by e-mail and mutually agreeing to do so. If I get stuff like that without
first being informed of it, I will NOT send it back and I will NOT send you this tribute CD. If everyone did that I'd end up
losing a lot of money. This thing is free, you're getting it at cost, which means I make nothing. I don't want any money of mine
going out for anything because it'll cost me much more than you to trade CD's with a 100 people.

5) To get the disc, jewel case, color front insert and black and white back insert (pictured above) mail $X.XX (see below
prices) to:

Tom Wallace
931103 Cherokee Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90093

Below prices include shipping package, shipping charges, price of blank CD-R, and artwork for sending ONE (1) compact

United States (continental) = $9.00
Canada = $9.00
Mexico = $9.00
England = $10.50
Germany = $10.50
Africa = $10.75
Japan = $11.25
China = $11.25
Australia = $11.25

If you're in another area, just use the country closest to you that's listed above and add a few cents more or less... Don't go too
low 'cause I don't wanna end up eating this... :)

The color artwork actually cost more than I'd originally thought, but I was able to find some cheaper (but still good quality)
CD-R's to use to offset it, so I wouldn't have to inflate the price again. Shipping charges are rounded off to a cool number,
rather than saying $1.47 for shipping... I'm still not making a profit when you factor in my time and gas spent going to and from
the printers and to the post office, etc...

If paying by some weird foreign check or whatever, please add a little more for charges I will incur when cashing/converting to
U.S. funds at my bank. Thanks.

6) Each CD is played prior to shipping, so I know it works. I will in no way be held accountable for damaged or lost CD's
after I give them to the postal workers.

7) Sorry, but I won't send you a CD first so you can try it before buying it. I'm not stupid and $9-$12 is not a lot of money to
spend for something this cool, so stop being cheap! :)

8) Paul O'Neill (and I suspect the other band members as well) have given me the okay to distribute these CD's to you guys,
so they deserve just as much thanks (if not more) as me.

9) I'll stop making these things when it just gets to be too much to handle. I can burn roughly 1 CD every 35 minutes, but I do
have a life, so don't expect super-fast shipping if I get swamped with orders. Right now, I'm caught up and have a 20-disc
surplus, so there shouldn't be a problem.

10) Once you've gotten the disc, please come back to this site and give your comments on it (good or bad), as there are a lot
of people contacting me who won't buy it until they've gotten some feedback on it from others. I don't know why that is. I
mean, can't they tell from the time I've spent talking about it that's it great?

11) If I've left out something, please check out any of my other postings which have "Cool CD-R" in the title for more info.

12) If someone has a CD-writer and would like to help me out with this project, please feel free to do so, just as long as you
ask and get the permission of Savatage before doing it. I can't vouch for the quality of someone's else work in putting this
together, so if you buy from another party besides me, it may not
be as good.

13) I am NOT waiving any of my rights to the arrangement/mixing of this material EXCEPT to Savatage and that group's

Here is the cut listing of the 100%-finalized CD (please note that there are NO repeated cuts; yes, some of the songs appear
twice, but different portions of the track were used):

Alone You Breathe
Temptation Revelation
Last Dawn
The Storm
Follow Me
Blackjack Guillotine
Paragons of Innocence
Turns to Me
The Ocean
Mozart and Madness
He Carves His Stone
Somewhere in Time
Memory (Dead Winter Dead Intro)
Degrees of Sanity

Of Rage and War
Blackjack Guillotine
Another Way
24 Hours Ago
When the Crowds Arew Gone
Gutter Ballet (mix)
Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)
Miles Away
All That I Bleed
Summer's Rain
Doesn't Matter Anyway
Scream Murder
Agony & Ecstasy
On the Run
Ghost in the Ruins

Can You Hear Me Now
Hall of the Mountain King
Power of the Night
This is the Time (1990)
The Hourglass
St. Patrick's
Thorazine Shuffle
Complaint in the System
Castles Burning
Prelude to Madness
City Beneath the Surface
Strange Wings
Taunting Cobras
She's In Love
Sammy and Tex
Mentally Yours
Stare Into the Sun
The Wake of Magellan
Morning Sun
Alone You Breathe
Not What We Meant
When the Crowds are Gone

A lot of time, care and thought went into putting this CD together. It isn't simply a series of short, chopped-up guitar riffs that
fade in and out and have no flow. The transition from piece to piece was most important to me because I was trying to create a
unique body of music and not just some collection of licks which have no purpose. At times I've tried to keep the speed of the
pieces the same, other times I'll try to get the tone of the notes and beat of the music to match, and sometimes I'll transition
from a slow piece to a power piece to get you even more pumped.

As I mentioned, there are several spots where, when now looking back at it, I could've done things a bit better. For example, I
forgot to omit a piece of ocean noise (gee, I wonder which album that's from) at the end of a cut and the stirring waves stop
kind of abruptly as the other track intros. It's timed right with the preceding track, but I'd somehow overlooked that some
additional effects concluded the music... Sometimes I was up till 4AM mixing this thing, so a few mistakes were bound to
happen--fortunately they're not major mistakes and are more than tolerable. I'm more than pleased with the results, and there's
no doubt in my mind that every Savatage fan or lover or guitar will be 100% satisfied with this compilation.

Who knows... maybe Jon, Paul and the other guys will like it so much they'll professionally mix it and release it on a real CD
someday. That would be nice. Actually, if I knew there were enough takers, I'd bring this to a music CD manufacturing
company, spend $1,500 to make a 1000 real chrome CD's and sell them for cost, that way I wouldn't lose any money and
everyone gets a CD that's has greater longevity and stability. But, at this point, I'm not yet convinced that there are enough
takers for that kind of undertaking and investment.

Let the madness begin!!!

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