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Posted by Tom Hollywood on August 23, 98 at 22:25:21:

In Reply to: TWOM...not Savatage's best posted by The Man on August 23, 98 at 18:04:37:

Well, of course TWOM can't compare (or be compared) to Streets, as both are entirely different CD's in every way. Streets is more an expression of someone's inner turmoil and struggle to seek resolution and figure out where life has gone and might be going. TWOM is just a collection of songs which don't really emotional ties to anything in particular. DWD has a lot more emotion than TWOM, and I feel as Tom V feels, that is somehow seems unfinished, and I also feel empty (unfulfilled) when listening to it, and I really don't play it anymore because it doesn't move me at all. I originally over-praised this album, but now I don't know why. It's still an excellantly produced CD, but it's lacking whatever elements it needs to make it memorable. I've been listening to the pre-Streets material a lot in recent weeks, and will be more than content with those songs until the new Doctor Butcher album is released.

People have been stating that Savatage is getting worse, but that really depends on your music tastes. I don't see them as losing any creativity in their songs, they're just changing and exploring different areas of music creation. Naturally, if you like headbanging songs, then the more recent stuff is not gonna do it for you, so you may well say that it sucks, but that really isn't fair to say, since it's just your preference in music that hasn't changed or is adaptable. I'll admit right now that Savatage is NOT creating the type of music I really want (Iced Earth is though) but it doesn't mean I've lost respect for them or think they should call it quits. It simply means that I'll have to take what I can get and hope that somewhere down the line I'll end up liking some stuff here and there. Like I said, I'm looking forward to future Doctor Butcher releases, not so much Savatage stuff. I think TWOM's biggest problem is that everything's motion without emotion; the material and performers seem to be simply going through the material without actually becoming empassioned with it. I don't know...

Just my thoughts on this hot, uneventful night...



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