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Posted by Jani on August 27, 98 at 08:17:05:

Well, I don't know if owning only two albums makes a fan but I'm getting there. I'm a bit surprised that people here seem to think that TWOM is not among Savatage's best. I got "Edge of Thorns" about 6 months ago and TWOM just two weeks ago and I have already listened TWOM more than EOT by now. Sure, EOT's got better solo's and the songs(atleast some of them) are musically more clever than in TWOM, but as an album TWOM manages to create much more feeling and the songs in the album fit together much better. I read in an interview though, that even Jon thinks that "Streets" is their best (that's pretty cool marketing telling people that TWOM's not their best when they are supposed to be promoting the thing).

This is one of the better music related message boards I've seen on the net, by the way. If you think that moderating is not necessary, try reading the message boards on Guitar World-homepage for an example, it's like wading through shit!!

Could you tell me something about the other albums so I could decide which one to get next(are they more like EOT or TWOM or something entirely different)?

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