Jani, here's the REAL lowdown on Savatage's albums...

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Posted by Tom Hollywood on August 27, 98 at 15:10:20:

In Reply to: A new fan... posted by Jani on August 27, 98 at 08:17:05:

Here's the tell-it-like-it-is version:

1) The Dungeons are Calling
2) Sirens

The above two albums are nearly indentical in sound quality and music style. A lot of echo-like vocals and stuff that make them seem as though they were recorded in a garage. Sirens in my fav of the two, and everything is very raw and the guitar completely ripping.

3) Power of the Night

The recording is of higher quality, but as with most metal albums of that period, the sound if kinda tinny and lacking bass depth that makes you speakers really "oomph!" out the sound. It's fairly typical heavy metal and it's got some strong points.

4) Fight for the Rock

This a much lighter album that I absolutely hate because it's wimpy-sounding and is a far departure from heavy metal and the last Savatage album. I finally sold this one last week...

5) Hall of the Mountain King

Sava's best, IMO. Great variety of heavy, fast, slow, instrumental guitar solos, vocal screams... This is how metal is done right! Jon's singing is amazing!

6) Gutter Ballet

Though not as thrashy and less raw-feeling and less headbanging that the HOTMK, it's a fantastic album that's got more variety than past Savatage album, but while still having enough connective tissue to hold the album together flawlessly (well, "Silk and Steel" is a boring guitar solo, but other than that, every tune rocks!

7) Streets

Everyone has their own take on this one. I don't find it all that great, and maybe because it's too personal; exposes too many emotions and is rather too manicured and "perfect" in production for my taste. Everything about it is outstanding, but I rarely make it through the entire album. Too much weird stuff in the middle that turns me off.

8) Edge of Thorns

I hated this when I first got it, but now like it a lot because it's eclectic as hell and the guitaring contains some Criss's best (it's all "best" anyway...) Zak is the new singer and he does a cool job of filling the big toe area of Jon's shoes...

9) Handful of Rain

I dislike the majority of the guitaring, the flatness of the music and the lack of passion in the execution of the lyrics. There's a ton of deep bass pulsating in this album,and I enjoy playing it simply to utilize my subwoofer. There's a farewell to song at the end, and the rest of the songs are realyl bad, they just seem rather dazed and confused. Think possibly a reflection of the mood and emotions during the making of it since Criss's passing...

10) Dead Winter Dead

Fantastic CD. Much better than TWOM. It's about the war in Sarajevo, and it does a more-than-perfect job of placing you in the heads and hearts of those affected by it and those instigating it. This is very heavy and scary and dark, and there virtually no pleasure or fun to be had by listening to this CD. It tells a very horrible, emotion-filled tale that will leave you stunned if you hear it instead of listening to it...

11) The Wake of Magellan

I hated this the first four plays. I loved it the next 200 or more. I now find it completely boring... I think way too much time was spent trying to blend all the music together and get just the right playing of notes down and vocal inflections timed to the beat and whatever, that it came out sounding lifeless and passionless. I don't hear anyone really enjoying singing any of the lyrics or playing guitars and drums. No one seems to care about what they're doing on this album...

13) Doctor Butcher

Plain and simple, if you like the older stuff, you will probably enjoy this album, provided you don't mind a rather angry music approach. It's obvious thatn Jon is not a happy camper on this album and when he created the lyrics. It's full of power and scorn! It fucking kicks the ass of every Savatage album!!!

That's my take, for what it's worth...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Savatage!


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