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Posted by Sander on September 18, 98 at 06:41:54:

In Reply to: Savatage and You posted by savawar on September 17, 98 at 17:42:14:

Hi There,
Since I have discovered Savatage a few years ago, lotīs of their songs/lyrics are written in my heart. I centainly would go for many of the already mentioned songs. No day goes by without me having a Savatage song in mind. Most of the songs I hear in mind are Believe, When The Crowds Are Gone, All That I bleed, If I Go Away, Not What You See, This Is The Time and Sleep.

I have found out that a lot off Savatage songs are very inspirering. They can give you just the push you need to get to the tough times. Or they help you think about things that bother you. I believe this is mostly due to the thing savatage had to go through and the way theyīve have done that.

if i go away
what would still remain
of me....

the ghost within your eyes
the whisper in your sighes...

you see
and i'm always there...

This song for me is a promiss that you donīt leave the people you love when things are getting hard to deal with.

I be right there
Iīll never leave
and all I ask of you is believe

Same meaning in other words

This is the time
And this is the place
These are the signs
That we must embrace

The moment is now
In all history
The time has arrived
And this is the one place to be

I believe that the time and place for being is always the time and place where you at this moment are. Now and Here! Because everything else already has past and canīt be undone or still has to come. And because you never know what comes, you canīt do a thing about it, except doing the things you think you have to do while you are sure you can do them. In other words Live your life now!

The pieces of myself
Cut off in desperation
As offerings too thee

I keep them on a shelve
Their good for conversation
Over a cup of tea

Before you angerly spoil your guts when things bother you, think them over. Is it really that important too throw all your garbage out, while you hurt others? Take it easy, let go of your agression in other ways. And when your problems must really be talked over, do it in an easy way. Perhabs while friendshiply drinking a cup of tea....

Of all the tings we keep inside
All the things that really matter
A face puts on his best disquise
And all is well
Until the heart betrayes...

How often do we hide ourselves from who we really are? So afraid for being hurt. Afraid of what someone might think about ourselves. And while doing this we achieve the opposite. We loose the ones we love by not really being who you are.

This is my own interpretation of some Savatage lyrics. I think Iīve told pretty much about myself this way. I hope it is being appreciated.

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