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Posted by Blex on September 18, 98 at 13:33:02:

In Reply to: Savatage and You posted by savawar on September 17, 98 at 17:42:14:

there's so many

if i go away - kinda when i feel depressed that life's a bitch and i'm all alone what would happen if i left?

your alive - great to play when i'm in a good mood and happy like yeah i'm alive!

believe - kinda when your not feeling depressed anymore and you got a plan for the future and you just gotta believe

edge of thorns - great to play a few weeks after you break up with your girlfriend and instead of thinking about them all the time your not thinking about them anymore it's good to shout BUT I DON'T THINK ABOUT YOU ANYMORE to let off adrenaline!

all that i bleed - depressing - happy song again but still good to play when depressed

degrees of sanity - played this when i couldn't take any of the shit going in in baseball in my town the coach was an ass and i was ready to snap and just quit.. kinda like I TAKE MY VOWS AND WISH YOU WELL

paragons of innocence - good to play when you know you have to quit something but you can't do it aka the gotta let it go part

the wake of magellan - great to play when you have a lot goign on in your life and your trying to sort things out. the coutnerpoint is just good because it's like all the things you are doing coming together

underture - great to play this when i'm getting ready to play football or something it gets the adrenaline going

a little to far - good to play when you know you started something but went just a bit to far in it, aka computer addiction, smoking, drugs you try it and do it a bit and before you realize it your doing it all the time went a bit to far

power of the night - great to play at midnight or in the summer wnen you sleep in till 2 in the afternoon and stay up till 4 am

when the crowds are gone - great to play when you quit somethign that involvs a lot of people - high school college sports or something the story's over when the crowds are gone da da da da DA DA dada da daaaaa daaaa

summer's rain - i think of this song everytime it rains in the summer, pretty good in relation to standing there and letting it rain on you but you don't care because something else is on your mind.

thorzine shuffle - good song to play when doing drugs or something of the sort (not that i have but if i do i'll be thinking of it).

turns to me - great to play when you see a hot chic but know your never going to be going out with her because your too shy to get enough nerve to go talk to her. and in the dark there's no one to praey for me now daaaaaaaaaaaa da da dadaaaaaaaaa daaaaaa da daaaaaaaa.

complaint in the system - i think of this song when i'm fed up with the way my job is run (mcdonalds).

mentally yours - great to play when you only can do something once and fuck it up and wanna go back again and do it again ...if he only had another chance

somewhere in time - i think of this when i'm pondering the mysters in the universe and pondering where my life is headed.

i could go on and on each song reflects a part of my life in one way or the other.

the end

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