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Posted by Joe on September 19, 98 at 23:54:55:

I just got back from the Village Pub in Long Island...

Just wanted to leave a quick posting to let everyone know it was the usual great show. The boys mixed some variety, threw a couple of surprises in, and were dead-on accurate with their playing. Nothing is as haunting as Jon hitting his screeching parts live, when he is 5 feet in front of you.

Their show was not exactly 'acoustic'. Al was plugged in all night, as was Jon. They did some cool versions of Jesus Saves, Chance, and a medley of piano songs creatively meshed together by Jon. The first half of the show was 'acoustic', and the second half was plugged in, while the heavier stuff flowed...

The show seemed a little short to me. Al mentioned they had to get back to Florida and then head out to Brazil. The night ended on a strange note -- Dead Winter Dead, and not on the usual staples HOTMK, or Sirens, much to the chagrin of the people standing behind me. They will get over it, I am sure.

There was the usual array of awesome metal women, which have unfortunately become a rare breed... one girl, in particular kept catching my eye. I remember seeing her at the same bar when they played back in June. She was a short girl, very 'clean' looking, with glasses, long hair, and she loved every note, never missing a word. I am sure she is out here somewhere. Speak up if you are... :)

Anyway, Chris Caffery seemed distant, or angry about something tonight. This did not effect his perfect playing, however. Al's solo at the end of Wake of Magellan was a gem, as was The Storm.

The venue was very intimate and smoky, with the usual shot girl/waitresses prowling around, trying to squeeze their petite 5 foot frame past you. Every time they ask 'do you want anything?' you cant help but want to speak your mind.

The idiots that answer the phone at The Village Pub need to be slapped around. They are not helpful, act like you are bothering them, and their attitudes suck. I called a couple of times during the week -- the did not know ticket prices, or the time Savatage was supposed to hit the stage. Plus, they say camcorders are allowed, but when you get to the door they turn you away, so I was told.

The first half of the show was also on the radio, WRCN. Apparently you have to be in the driveway of the radio station if you want reception, so I missed that one. Just wondering why this little bit of info was not posted along with the show information?

I am yet to catch up to any of the band members and shake their hands, even though I have seen them twice and been within kissing distance. They do all seem like a genuine great bunch of guys though, just by seeing how they interact with each other and play with the crowd during the set.

All in all a great night, just a little short. If anyone taped it, please post a reply. It is a keeper. Thank you, Savatage, for another great night, and getting me out of my house.

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