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Posted by Seneca on September 23, 98 at 13:36:43:

About those darn "moshers"...Let me first state that I was NOT at the Port Jefferson show, so I can't comment about what went on there. Second, I enjoy a good mosh pit every, now and then, especially at a "metal" show. How could you NOT mosh to HOMK?

I was at the Jaxx show, and quite frankly I was a bit surprised at the lack of enthusiasm by the crowd, especially those in front, leaning motionless on the front rail throughout the show. You looked like Zombies. I'm sure that's real inspiring to the band, to be playing "Taunting Cobras" and to look out and see a bunch of extras from Night of the Living Dead mulling around the front of the stage.

Now granted, it's easy to be captivated by the musicianship of the band, and its understandable to want to stand and watch the band up close. But, this IS Heavy Metal and if your up front at a concert, you have to expect a certain amount of physical contact with other...um, more expressive fans.

Savatage has been around quite awhile (Thank God), so perhaps this is a Generational problem. If you find yourself at a concert standing around wearing ear plugs and complaining about moshers, (At a METAL show...Helllloooooo!) maybe its time to get on the porch. Or better still, I hear Yanni concerts are mosh-free with nice safe assigned seating.

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