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Posted by Jill on September 23, 98 at 17:52:02:

In Reply to: "This is not your father's Savatage!!" posted by Seneca on September 23, 98 at 13:36:43:

Just a note: earplugs are VERY commendable in my book; I regret not wearing earplugs earlier in my concert-going days. That, and countless months spent practicing with my band, definitely affected my hearing. I'm not deaf by any means, but of course there's a difference, so I'd recommend earplugs to anyone---even the staunchest metal fan. Hey, most of the bands out there now wear earplugs on stage, it can't be all that ignoble!

As for Jaxx: I agree that the front row looked pretty lame; actually, much of the crowd did. But let me say, you can't say that just because someone isn't going totally nuts up front they aren't into the music. I was rocking along, of course, in my front row spot, but I didn't go all out like I did at previous shows. Why? Well, for one, I had my camera and was taking pictures, and after having my camera knocked to the floor once, I didn't want to risk it again with careless thrashing. Also, after driving 8 hours to get to the venue, not to mention standing up fron through all the openers, my back was not in the greatest shape. Forgive me for not throwing myself into the crowd participation a little more. Add that to the fact that every time I threw my hands up in the hand, some girl behind me rudely pushed me or jostled me because I was supposedly obscuring her vision.....well, you know how things go.

My point is, although I agree that fans could get into the music more, you can't place everyone under the Unenthusiastic label just like that. We all have our reasons, I suppose, some obviously better than others! Just a thought, and no flame given or intended!


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