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Posted by Caracas on September 23, 98 at 19:55:51:

In Reply to: "This is not your father's Savatage!!" posted by Seneca on September 23, 98 at 13:36:43:


What's up with that? You, Denise, Ernie, myself, Randy, Allan, Erin, and Kimberly were all getting into the music pretty well I thought. I mean we weren't "MOSHING" but we were moving around alot. No offense, but I don't remember you moshing either. Some guy behind me kept telling me to stop jumping up and down! And to stop with all my whirling-dervish-like theatrics. Some of the people in front of me were complaining about my "movements" because I kept spilling my drinks on them too. I really didn't expect to hear something negative about anyone but me!!! I even got Clay involved at one point. I will agree with you that there weren't many people who were very "active" at Jaxx, but it was more active at Jaxx than Baltimore, and Philly combined!

As for the earplugs, I wish that I had remembered to bring mine with me. Afterall, my ears were still ringing from the Birch Hill, Philly, AND Baltimore shows! Today...nearly 1 week later, my ears are still ringing! I am a little concerned about my hearing now, and as I stated above, I wish that I had brought mine. To each his/her own.

No malice intended...just chipping in, as I've been pretty quiet lately (probably because I can't hear myself!!)

The last show that I saw at Jaxx where somebody was really truly "moshing" was Bruce Dickenson. The guy got so involved with his moshing that he punched some girl in the mouth. Bruce Dickinson then took his microphone and swatted the guy right on his forehead, causing the guy to bleed...a lot. Jaxx security then hauled the guy out of Jaxx. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that in a huge stadium event where there are tons of people around you, it is more commonplace for moshing. However, in small clubs with a small audience (other story), I think people are more calm due to the much more intimate setting.

One last thing...I can vouch for Jill's activity at Birch Hill, and the same is true for Erin. Please remember that there were a lot more people at Birch Hill. Speaking of which, why would someone go out on the patio while Savatage was playing? That I don't understand, but I'm sure there are some valid reasons.

I now step down from my soapbox.

Thank you...and good night.

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