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Posted by Bobbi on September 23, 98 at 20:58:20:

In Reply to: "This is not your father's Savatage!!" posted by Seneca on September 23, 98 at 13:36:43:

I am a relativey cool person, but I can't stand for this! I was at the Sava show and yes, I was one of the "zombies" up front. As a matter of fact, I think you were the one in the Buffalo jersey that tried to weasel your way beside me to get up front and when I wouldn't let you in, you sent your girlfriend to try to do the job. If you were so concerned about the lifelessness in the front row, where the hell were you at? I stood up front from the time the doors opened & thru the opening bands -- and there was plenty of room up there before Sava came on. Or do you think that you were more deserving than the mere women up front? (Because there were quite a few of us)
I will have you know I am a huge Sava fan. I did not stop moving, singing, and headbanging thru the entire show. I know that at least four of us had cameras and tape recorders and we were still rockin. If I did not move enough to meet your standards, I will just have to throw you across the room at the next show I see you at.
As for earplugs, you have to be stupid not to wear them. I, like all the others that have posted so far, would like to be able to enjoy music when I get older. Also, I know too many people that are born deaf that would die to hear music -- and we take hearing it for granted. And if they are so damn bad, why do the members of Sava ( like Pitrelli ) wear them?
I think you are just jealous that you did not get to be up front. I don't know what the problem was, there wasn't as many people at that show as the last 3 Sava shows I've been to. If you think you deserve to be front and center -- wait up there like the rest of us --you surely won't be handed the privilege on a silver platter.
Sorry about your luck--

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