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Posted by stellaluna on September 24, 98 at 08:50:54:

Mhufhuh mhvvs! Mhufhuh hufhd mhuffunbg, thmmhs ghmmma mhuuh mhuffnge...

(Thanslation: Jesus Saves! Jesus started changeing, things got a little strange...)

That's what you'll be hearing in about ten years if you don't use the brains the gods gave you and start wearing ear-plugs. Trust me on this one. I've got a friend who doesn't need to wear them to shows anymore because he's already wrecked his hearing so much that the shows sound normal to him. So maybe you don't care about not being able to hear the greatest living rock band, but think about this, if you wreck your hearing now, are you going to be able to hear your child's first cry, or you father's last words, or the blaring horn of the 18-wheeler that's about to broadside you? Look, I realize you have certain inalieable rights (I know, I spelled it wrong) as guarenteed by law and stuff, but PLEASE listen to those older and wiser than you. You are not going to live forever, and do you want your final years on this Earth to be spent awash in dull colors and the constant hiss of "white noise", unable to hear those things you once took for granted and that brought you joy?

When the orchestra still plays, don't you want to be able to hear it?

Blessed Be


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