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Posted by Gonzo on September 24, 98 at 14:32:45:

In Reply to: "This is not your father's Savatage!!" posted by Seneca on September 23, 98 at 13:36:43:

Not to piss you off or anything, but I'd much rather dish out my cash to go to a concert so I can watch a performance, scream my balls off, meet the performers... essentially, I like to have a good time. Makes more sense to me than dishing out the same amount of money to get my ass kicked while I miss a great band's set.

I went to a King Diamond concert this past spring, situated myself and my friend right up front of the stage, and spent the vast majority of the time in the pit trying to fight off a bunch of lunatics who would otherwise have crushed the girl I was with. In the process, I sprained my ankle; broke my glasses; got some drunken bastard's saliva all over my pretty, long hair; was saturated in bear, blood and other people's perspiration; and emerged from the pit with more bruises than I cared to count. Worst of all, I missed a great deal of a kick-ass performance. (On top of that, the two people I had given a ride there never did cease to bitch.) Not exactly what I payed for.

Crowd-surfers and stage-divers are just as fun to deal with. They serve only to obstruct the vision of the people who aren't in front of them, and kick the craniums of those that are. On top of that, they usually piss off whatever band is performing , and most clubs here in San Antonio now forbid said actions.

But it sure was funny watching King Diamond kick a crowd-surfer back into the crowd as soon as he made it to the stage!!

Again, no offense is intended; I just wanted to let you know that though you may enjoy the moshing and the surfing, not very many people appreciate it.

Thanks for letting me vent.



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