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Posted by Blex on October 09, 98 at 08:16:58:

I'm just wondering why everybody makes such a big deal out of this memorabilia site and that. Sure I'll agree he was my favorite guitarist and he was a great guy and all. But, how do you think it makes the band feel to see that people aren't even talking about them or aren't even makign tee-shirts for the current savatage, but instead are too busy making memoribilia for the deceased Criss. Plus how would you feel if you were Al Petrelli coming here to check out the message board and all you see are big threads of just Criss Oliva..i'd think to myself...get over it.

I guess i'm just curious that the band maybe thinks nobody likes the new post-criss savatage. And by looking at this message board it would seem like they'd think that when it's all CRISS MEMORIES, CRISS TEE-SHIRTS, FAVORITE-CRISS CD, FAVORITE CRISS SOLO.

how about some respect to petrelli and caffrey here...where's their favorite cd messages and favorite solo's?

with all due respect to the oliva's and savatage it's like people are obsessed with criss's death and old savatage and couldn't care a rats ass about petrelli or caffrey and the new cd. i mean look tso's new one is coming out how'd it be like to if you were petrelli coming here and all you see is stuff about criss oliva still as threads?

then again maybe it's just a few people obsessed with remembering him and they keep posting stuff on here.. i don't know

either way am i alone in thinking this? or do others feel the same way that it's just time to MOVE ON.

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