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Posted by Jill on November 12, 98 at 23:42:54:

In Reply to: Re: You see... posted by G! on November 12, 98 at 15:38:46:

Personally, I understand where G! is coming from on this. I know I got bothered in the past because I had taped episodes of an all old British TV show that was off the air for good, a popular one that apparently had more of a cult following than I thought. I made the mistake of mentioning that I had those tapes on a message board, and for months afterward I was bombarded by requests to make copies for people. Now, that's not even a situation where you're dealing with something that can be traded, but I know what my train of thought is. It went like this" the first couple of requests, I thought sure, I'll just ask them to cover shipping and stuff and we'll call it even, anything for a fellow fan. But after awhile, it got annoying, the more people who asked me, and I knew I didn't have the time. I felt like everyone was greedy, and some of them gave me nasty responses when I wouldn't make copies.

The point is, it's really hard for people to make copies of stuff for people sometimes, simply out of the goodness of their hearts. I know for a fact that G! is a nice person, so don't get all excited if he has boots you want and won't make you copies. If I was in his position, I wouldn't want to be harrassed all the time either! Plus, there's something to be said for collectors. Collectors of anything usually pride themselves on having rare or unusual items, which is the case here. And if everyone else had the exact same things, that kind of makes you less of a collector, doesn't it, at least in terms of how unique you are!

I don't know, now I'm rambling, but it's food for thought. Try thinking of things from the other person's perspective. . . I know it seems unfair for the fortunate Savatage fans who have bootlegs to refuse to copy them for the rest of us, but it's also unrealistic to assume that they should do so simply because they're good people. That gets taken advantage of too, as I've already described in one case. Fact of the matter is, you can't do it for one person without opening the door to a slew of others, and that gets to be too much to handle, whether or not you might think so. At least judging from my experiences.... Anyway, that's my two cents, for what it's worth, take it or leave it!


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